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Looking for an innovative approach that makes the R&D Tax Credit process easier for everyone involved? At MASSIE, we take care of everything from start to finish, ensuring that your tax credits are managed flawlessly by top-notch industry experts.

How We Engage

Central to our approach is a user-friendly experience. We prioritize simplifying the submission process for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), ensuring you can easily provide all necessary information to maximize your tax credits and smoothly handle any audits.

The ultimate R&D Tax Credit project minimizes your workload while maximizing your claim. We achieve this by blending best practice approaches with the smart technology you already know, creating a hassle-free experience for managing your R&D tax credits.

The MASSIE Method enhances your experience through three key phases:

  • Architecture Phase: Tailoring our strategy to highlight what makes your company unique.
  • SME Interaction: Process and tools to make it easier and more efficient for your SMEs.
  • Tax Department: Visibility and control of the project progress and final report documentation.

We believe in utilizing the technology that you already use, that your people are familiar with. Communicate in a way that your people like to communicate today. Combine that with a great process and the desired results happen.

Because today is different.

Understanding that every company has its own unique culture, communication preferences, and priorities when it comes to R&D tax credits is essential. By introducing the credit process to your key personnel early, you can secure their support and ensure a seamless project execution. Tailoring communication to meet your team’s preferences, we help minimize disruptions and streamline the process.

Successful tax credit claims hinge on substantial involvement from your SMEs. They value a clear and straightforward approach that allows them to document necessary information accurately and in their own words. This clarity improves the quality of your documentation and strengthens your position during audits.

To navigate the extensive documentation required for audit defense, a documentation mapping process comes into play. This strategy makes it easier for SMEs to pinpoint relevant documents, ensuring these can be accessed in the future, regardless of SME availability.

Our suite of interactive tools and resources is crafted to simplify the process for your SMEs, acknowledging that they are innovators first, not accountants. From customized videos and web conferencing to online guidebooks, example documents, documentation mapping, motivational messages, and incentives—all are designed to be accessible from their desktops or mobile devices. By adapting to what works best for your team, we aim to create an engaging and effective experience.

We’ve found that making the process easier for everyone involved encourages greater participation, generates larger credits, and ensures smoother audits.

“My Company has been working with MASSIE R&D for the last 4 years. Given the technical nature to support our R&D tax credit calculations, we needed to use an external firm to assist us in maximizing our credits, both for US federal and the State of Georgia purposes. There are many accounting and specialty tax firms out there to choose from but making the decision to work working with MASSIE has been the right choice for us.”

Judd Schmid
Vice President – Corporate Controller

"This is our second year with MASSIE We've worked with other firms in the past, but our first year with MASSIE made a tremendous change in the process improvement of how we gather R&D data and support to sustain in the audit. This year we added the use of Microsoft Teams, which in combination with MASSIE process made this year's R&D study even more efficient and smooth to the point that we were a few months before the schedule of completing the study."

Yana Brez
Sr. Manager Tax
Rehrig Pacific Company
2020 - 2023
Repeat Honoree
Financial Times
America's Fastest Growing Companies
2019 - 2023
Repeat Honoree
Inc. 5000
America's Fastest Growing Private Companies
2022 - 2024
Platinum Sponsor
TEI (Tax Executives Institute)

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