The 6765 Business Component Solution

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Level I: Essential

The Essential Level I solution is perfect for studies where the business components and subject matter experts (SMEs) have already been identified. Here’s why it’s an ideal approach:

  • Efficiency Enhancement: You already possess expertise in managing your tax credit. This solution optimizes your project management efficiency. Using Microsoft® Teams, MASSIE helps you streamline SME communication and collaboration. The result is smoother workflows and a stronger SME response.
  • Strategic Microsoft Teams Implementation: MASSIE works closely with your designated tax champion to create and implement a tailored Microsoft Teams strategy. This creates an optimized platform that meets the specific needs and objectives of your study.
  • In-Depth Study Review: MASSIE examines your prior studies to understand your business components, SMEs, and current survey or interview approach. The result is a solid foundation for structuring your Microsoft Teams Collaboration Hub.
  • Tailored Collaboration Hub: MASSIE uses your data insights to build a customized workspace that facilitates seamless communication, data sharing, and collaboration among all stakeholders involved in your study.

This solution helps you use your R&D tax credit knowledge more efficiently by integrating it with Microsoft Teams. The Collaboration Hub ensures a streamlined and effective approach that is tailored to maximize your productivity and promote a collective, organized work environment.

Let’s break down the key features:

Experience a holistic approach to optimizing your R&D Tax Credit process.

Level II: Advanced

The Advanced Level II solution delivers all the services of Level I, plus advanced elements to elevate your study further. MASSIE applies a comprehensive focus to identifying key business components and SMEs. Targeted training sessions educate SMEs on the information needed and how to effectively utilize the Microsoft Teams Collaboration Hub. This refined approach ensures an optimized and streamlined experience for everyone involved in your tax credit.

The Advanced Level II solution combines MASSIE’s strategic data analysis with focused SME identification and comprehensive training. This elevated level of service maximizes study efficiency and ensures that all stakeholders have the guidance and tools necessary to provide relevant project-level details. The result is a technically robust study that is strategically aligned with your objectives and complies with the latest regulatory requirements.

Level III: Premier

The Premier Level III solution combines the services of Level I and Level II with MASSIE’s complete SME management solution. At this level of service, MASSIE reviews all quantitative and qualitative data. MASSIE engages with your SMEs to validate that all data inputs meet the Form 6765 requirements. Here’s why Premier Level III stands out:

  • MASSIE Help Desk Integration: This advanced level of support incorporates the MASSIE Help Desk process to provide SMEs with dedicated guidance as they document their qualifying research activities.
  • Ongoing Project Oversight: The MASSIE team actively tracks and manages data collection to maintain momentum and ensure scheduled objectives are met.
  • SME Support and Assistance: SMEs have a direct line of communication with the MASSIE team to answer questions about the Microsoft Teams Collaboration Hub or address user experience concerns.
  • Quality Assurance: The MASSIE team reviews all questionnaires and quantitative requests to ensure required standards are met and align with project goals.
  • Proactive Engagement: The MASSIE team contacts SMEs for additional information or to clarify data accuracy.
  • Participation Encouragement: Reminders are sent to SMEs who may require extra encouragement to keep them engaged.
  • Efficient Data Organization: Qualifying project details are organized by business component.
  • Streamlined Communication: MASSIE handles all SME interaction to streamline communication and ensure all information is captured accurately.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: The MASSIE team creates a comprehensive Final Report that compiles all qualitative and quantitative data by business component in an Excel master matrix.

The Premier Level III solution provides the highest level of review and support. MASSIE ensures all stakeholders have the resources and assistance needed to deliver a successful and efficient project. This comprehensive approach, with the integration of the MASSIE Help Desk, guarantees a seamless experience from start to finish.

Quarterly Performance Review and Advisory

As part of our comprehensive 6765 Business Component Solution service, we offer a Quarterly Performance Review and Advisory session. This proactive approach ensures that your R&D process remains aligned with the latest industry standards and regulations. Here’s what this service entails:

  • Current System Evaluation: We conduct a comprehensive review of your existing system to assess its performance and effectiveness in capturing R&D information.
  • SME Response Analysis: We analyze the engagement and response levels of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure their contributions are maximized.
  • Regulatory Updates: We keep you informed about any recent developments from the IRS and applicable states. This includes changes in case law or form requirements that may necessitate adjustments in your R&D information capture process.
  • New Technology Introductions: We introduce and provide guidance on new features or Power Apps introduced by Microsoft that can enhance your R&D process.
  • Strategic Advice on Credit-Impacting Events: We review and advise on any recent company events, such as acquisitions, that may impact your R&D tax credit. This ensures that your credit calculations remain accurate and up-to-date.

Our Quarterly Performance Review and Advisory service is designed to keep your R&D process optimized, compliant, and strategically aligned with your business goals. It’s a proactive step towards maximizing your tax credit benefits while staying abreast of industry changes.

Full Outsource

If you desire an elevated approach to your R&D Tax Credit, consider entrusting the entire project to MASSIE. By seamlessly integrating today’s established Best Practice solutions, we offer an R&D tax credit experience that is streamlined for SMEs and more efficient for your tax department.

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