MASSIE R&D Tax Credits


“MASSIE was able to come in, interview people in various departments, obtain the cost information, create the necessary documents and put together a presentation binder to support the deduction that was easy to follow and understand. When we got audited I was able to just hand the documents over to the IRS with very little commentary. The entire credit amount was accepted.”

Robert Howren
Director of Tax
BlueLinx Corporation

“Before MASSIE we had a very cumbersome and expensive R&D tax credit process. Since MASSIE took over the project our credit has increased, the cost has decreased and the feedback we have received is that the SMEs enjoy the MASSIE interaction far better. I would highly recommend that you consider MASSIE for your R&D Tax Credit project.”

Clayton Brant Sharp
Vice President of Taxes
Arris International PLC

“I have found MASSIE to be very knowledgeable with regard to the credits and helpful in assisting us to maximize benefits. This, of course, has been welcomed by our corporate staff. However, the attribute that sets MASSIE apart is that they work exceptionally well with our operations personnel and minimize demand on their time in quantifying and appropriately supporting our credits.”

Jon Dickinsin, P.E.
Chief Financial Officer
Geosyntec Consultants

“MASSIE’s experts worked hand-in-hand with our tax department and SMEs to seamlessly deliver a claim larger and sooner than I expected. The MASSIE method of people our people first worked great for our R&D Credit. Their focused expertise and documentation tools helped us know we were buttoned up. I would highly recommend MASSIE to anyone looking for a provider who under promises and over delivers.”

Rick Lynch
Chief Financial Officer

“Jason and Peter, I am finally retiring at end of this year, but wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great job you and the team always did for IHG, and for your expertise, collaboration, and guidance in all matters R&D. I enjoyed the opportunity to speak at the RoundTable, so thank you for that; I enjoyed the discussions and always took away valuable tips and information from all who presented.”

Kay Kousek
Senior Tax Manager – Research & Planning
IHG Hotels and Resorts

“This is our second year with MASSIE. We’ve worked with other firms in the past, but our first year with MASSIE made a tremendous change in the process improvement of how we gather R&D data and support to sustain in the audit. This year we added the use of Microsoft Teams, which in combination with MASSIE process made this year’s R&D study even more efficient and smooth to the point that we were a few months before the schedule of completing the study.

Previously we used emails to communicate with SME teams and individuals, which created a lot of back and forth and information flow delays. Using Microsoft Teams, we’ve created SME team channel where announcements to all SME’s were communicated and responded to faster. We had relevant files and videos saved in the channel for convenient access to anyone who needed it. Any required follow up communication was happening more immediately, whether through a quick individual chat or a quick jump on a call. In addition, we had a separate subchannel for Project Management team where any planning, file sharing, and SME progress tracking was taking place. From a project management perspective, having all communications and information relating to R&D Study saved in one place created efficiencies and progress tracking much easier. We’ve also had a lot of positive feedback from SMEs on this year’s experience using Microsoft Teams for the R&D Study. We are looking forward to adding more features next year to further improve the process and experience for SMEs and Project Management team.”

Yana Brez
Sr. Manager Tax
Rehrig Pacific Company

“My Company has been working with MASSIE R&D Tax Credits for the last 4 years. Given the technical nature to support our R&D tax credit calculations, we needed to use an external firm to assist us in maximizing our credits, both for US federal and the State of Georgia purposes. There are many accounting and specialty tax firms out there to choose from but making the decision to work working with MASSIE has been the right choice for us.

While we haven’t been without our own challenges (i.e., changes in personnel, acquisitions, etc.), MASSIE has always shown us the organization, patience, and thoroughness to help us get through this yearly exercise. Working with Elaine Guan (Project Manager) since the beginning of our engagement, she has made it as non-intrusive as possible when dealing with our internal subject matter experts. MASSIE always follows through to make sure that the documentation is complete and stands up to scrutiny from a compliance standpoint. The resulting reports and supporting documentation are easy to follow and very well organized. Overall, we could not be happier with the results.

I have no hesitation in recommending MASSIE R&D Tax Credits for anyone considering using them.”

Judd Schmid
Vice President – Corporate Controller

2020 - 2023
Repeat Honoree
Financial Times
America's Fastest Growing Companies
2019 - 2023
Repeat Honoree
Inc. 5000
America's Fastest Growing Private Companies
2022 - 2024
Platinum Sponsor
TEI (Tax Executives Institute)

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