Tired of the high fees and outdated, cumbersome process that the Big 4 still insists that you need? MASSIE will work with you to customize your plan, build all the technology tools you need and implement the processes and systems so you can successfully manage them internally. We will work with you to train your people to take the credit process in-house on a schedule that works best for you.

The R&D Tax Credit is here to stay. Most companies claiming it today will still be claiming it 10 years from now. Realizing this, many companies are looking to bring this project in-house. The dilemma for many is how to make that leap from the Big 4 provider to their internal team.

MASSIE will work with your team to improve your current process to one that allows your tax department to handle and control the project from start to finish. We provide the road map, tools, technology, and expertise to enable your team to capture the maximum amount of documentation and data in a manner that is manageable by your people.

Typically, this can be a 2 to 3 year process. MASSIE handles the bulk of the project in year one. We work closely with your team to train them and implement best practices and technologies. In year two, we co-manage the project to ensure a smooth transition and the maximum understanding. In year three, you take the driver’s seat with our guidance.

From then on, the process can be all yours. You will have everything you need to manage your tax projects with, or without, our continued assistance.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “Before MASSIE we had a very cumbersome and expensive R&D tax credit process. Since MASSIE took over the project our credit has increased, the cost has decreased and the feedback we have received is that the SMEs enjoy the MASSIE interaction far better. I would highly recommend that you consider MASSIE for your R&D Tax Credit project.”

    Clayton Brant SharpVice President of TaxesARRIS International plc
  • “I have found MASSIE to be very knowledgeable with regard to the credits and helpful in assisting us to maximize benefits.  This, of course, has been welcomed by our corporate staff.  However, the attribute that sets MASSIE apart is that they work exceptionally well with our operations personnel and minimize demand on their time in quantifying and appropriately supporting our credits.”

    Jon Dickinson, P.E.,Chief Financial OfficerGeosyntec Consultants
  • “MASSIE was able to come in, interview people in various departments, obtain the cost information, create the necessary documents and put together a presentation binder to support the deduction that was easy to follow and understand.  When we got audited I was able to just hand the documents over to the IRS with very little commentary.  The entire credit amount was accepted.”

    Robert HowrenDirector of TaxBlueLinx Corporation
  • “MASSIE's experts worked hand-in-hand with our tax department and SMEs to seamlessly deliver a claim larger and sooner than I expected. The MASSIE Method of putting our people first worked great for our Georgia Retraining Tax Credit and R&D Credit. Their focused expertise and documentation tools helped us know we were buttoned up. I would highly recommend MASSIE to anyone looking for a provider who under promises and over delivers.”

    Rick LynchCFOMailChimp
  • “We had some very difficult issues to present to IRS agents as well as the IRS National Office.  MASSIE was able to present our position in a professional manner and, with terrific knowledge of the subject matter, was able to get us excellent results.”

    Rick WiseFormer Executive Director of TaxGaylord Entertainment
  • “Getting the R&D tax credits in the early stages of our small company’s growth has been a significant benefit in continuing the work.  No research, no competitive edge.  No money, no research. Thanks, MASSIE!”

    Frank KoperdaCEONextGen Technologies
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