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Wednesday, December 31st @ 7:00pm EST

Construction Companies

"MASSIE handled our Employee Retention Credit. This included information gathering, calculation of the credit and issuance of a comprehensive report. They were efficient and professional and I highly recommend them."

Stephen C. Bongiorno
CFO, Ruttura & Sons Construction Co

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Latest Covid Relief for Construction Companies

Now, it is easier to qualify, more employers are eligible, and more credits are available to businesses of all sizes. If any of the below are true for 2021 - you may qualify. In addition to the 2021 credit, we will also review your 2020 qualification.



Temporary closure or 
suspension of a project due
to a shutdown order

Revenue down more than
Get the Credit You Deserve
The maximum employee retention credit per employee increased from $5,000 to $28,000 and employers who took PPP loans are now retroactively eligible.

$33,000 per employee*

* If the company qualifies for the credit in both 2020 and 2021, the credit could be as much as $33,000 per employee.

The MASSIE Difference
The Employee Retention Credit can be a very complicated calculation.  The amount of ERC will vary depending on the period, your number of employees, qualifying wages, and other factors. We can help!

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