• Introduction & Announcements - Jason Massie and Peter Green, MASSIE R&D Tax Credits
  • Legislative Update - Douglas Norton and Alex Sadler, Morgan Lewis
  • SME Engagement and Motivation - Kay Kousek, IHG; Jeremy Johnson, CommScope; Jason Massie, MASSIE R&D Tax Credits

Peter Green introduced MASSIE's new event - R&D Tax Credit ROUNDTABLE ON THE ROAD. If you are part of TEI (Tax Executives Institute) or another Tax organization and you would like for us to present our ROUNDTABLE ON THE ROAD to your chapter or group, we would welcome an introduction.   

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE by  Douglas Norton and Alex Sadler, Morgan Lewis addressed 

  • THE BASE PERIOD: Overview and Lessons from Case Law
  1. Regular & Start-up Methods
  2. Alternative Simplified Credit & Consistency
  3. Areas of Contention

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Introductions by Jason Massie, MASSIE R&D Tax Credits

  • Kay Kousek, Sr. Tax Manager at IHG addressed IHG R&D Tax Credit Process Overview
  • Jeremy Johnson, Director of Tax; CommScope addressed SME Engagement & Motivation
  • Jason Massie, MASSIE R&D Tax Credits shared some Tips and Tricks

WRAP UP by Jason Massie and Peter Green, MASSIE R&D Tax Credits

The next Best Practices R&D Tax Credit Roundtable will take place on Wednesday, June 5th at 3:00pm EST.  Click here to register.