The benefits of changing the existing method in 2017


ABC Co Tax Department and outside consultants will conduct interviews with Subject Matter Experts (“SME”) in January through March to learn more about 2016 R&D activities and related expenses. Several major projects will be selected for additional investigation. Write-ups (covering Tax Code requirements) will be prepared by Tax Department and Consultants to support selected projects but not all projects will be covered by write-ups. Quantitative work (calculations) will be done by April and qualitative work (writeups) scheduled to be complete by May/June. This has been the existing method for the past few years.


Meetings will be conducted with SME leadership to discuss the benefits of realtime data collection and to solicit feedback on proposed methods and roll-out of new method and process. The Tax Department and new vendor (“MASSIE”) are flexible in how the new process will be designed and will be going through an architecture phase at that time. SME requirements will be gathered and additional design will occur prior to launch in Summer 2017.


Method is designed to automate the data and documentation gathering in real-time so that SMEs provide more detailed information regarding all material projects as they take place during the year. Possible timing means SMEs would receive an information request for data and documentation in Summer 2017 and be asked to provide activity and cost details for Q1/2 of 2017. 2017 is transition year. January – June might be the first reporting period, and July - December the second reporting period. Goal is to do quarterly gathering in 2018.

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